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1533 S 10th St, Philadelphia PA


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The clubhouse is small, at about 35 seats. In order to keep it comfortable we will allow 1 person in for every seat available ­– not more.


On any given night, we will make 50% of the dining room available to reservations. In order to keep the club accessible, the rest of the dining room and bar will be available for walk-ins on a first-come first-served basis.


You won't be able to make reservations until your membership card is retrieved and notarized.


All members may make a reservation for their first visit, if they choose.


Founding members can make reservations regularly, and as frequently as they are available.


We currently accept reservations by telephone only.

All reservations must be confirmed via phone call​. Voicemails left regarding reservations will not be honored or returned.

Call to make reservations from Thurs through Sun, 2pm - 4pm.

Our number is: 267-928-4152