Our rules are simple and easy to follow.

Always remember to bring your member card and your ID. We can't permit entrance without your ID. It's a legal matter. That goes for your guests, as well.

Each member may bring up to 3 guests. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

No phones are to be used or pictures are to be taken, once inside the clubhouse. We have terrible reception inside, anyway. If you are caught taking or posting pictures without express permission from the club president, you will be asked to leave and membership will be revoked.

Don’t be a dick. Be nice to each other and to the staff. We are all part of the same club. If you are rude, disorderly, or disrespectful of the clubhouse or any of its members, you will be asked to leave.



When we need to be in touch with you, we send out communications via our email list. This includes new events, new hours, internal voting matters (like who should run committees, or if we should be open for Eagles home games on Sundays), and sometimes just general info. We keep it short and sweet, and do our best not to annoy you too often.


If you're a member, you should be getting these updates. If you haven't heard from us, check your email history and your spam folder. If there's nothing there, please email to make sure you're kept up to date.



Our committees are responsible for organizing our Philanthropic and Social events.

Any and all interested members are encouraged to apply for committee leadership and to participate in committee-run activities. For our primary committee selections, we will be conducting an interview process to make sure that you have the availability and experience to lead groups of volunteers and social events.

If you're a member and interested in being on or running a committee, please reach out to