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Membership cards will be available for pick up once the club is open again. Until then, we have you on file should any member-specific promotions or participations come up.

First and foremost:


Thank you, and welcome to the club.

As a member of Messina Social Club, theres a few things we'd like you to note.






Once purchased, membership cards are available for pick-up at the door. Please bring your proof of purchase and a valid ID with you. You must have your card to gain entry to the club.


If you purchased more than one membership online, please remember: No one leaves with two memberships. One person, one membership. If you purchased more than one, or if someone purchased a membership for you, both members MUST be physically present – together – to claim the second membership.


Remember to bring your card with you.


Each member may bring up to 3 guests. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.


No phones are to be used or pictures are to be taken, once inside the clubhouse. We have terrible reception inside, anyway. If you are caught taking or posting pictures without expressed permission from the club president, you will be asked to leave and membership will be revoked.


Don’t be a dick. Be nice to each other and to the staff. We are all part of the same club. If you are rude, disorderly, or disrespectful of the clubhouse or any of its members, you will be asked to leave.





As a Messina Member, you're welcome to sponsor additional people for membership. Bring them with you and make sure they bring ID. Remember: you are vouching for and potentially staking your membership on this person, so be selective.


Regular Members and Founding Members can purchase memberships online or at the door. Legacy Members will be able to purchase memberships at the door, but must bring proof of past membership.




If you would like to become active in the club's Social or Philanthropic mission, you can sign up to be a member of the Philanthropic Committee or Social Committee.


If you are passionate about community and and love bringing together people for the greater good, we encourage you to sign up. Email to get involved.

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