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While we're deeply rooted in the restaurant industry, that's only a fraction of the work that we commit ourselves to, on a regular basis. Find out more about how we've been giving back, and how we're looking to continue that, moving forward.


We are a group of socially conscious people, fostering and funding support for our local and Philadelphia communities. Membership dues facilitate our philanthropic ventures.


Our location contains a restaurant, workspace, and late night bar.


Good food. Good drinks. Good doing.


Our kitchen is open from 5PM to 12AM, Thursday through Monday.

We serve food that references the cross-cultural roots of the neighborhood and of Philadelphia. All of our pasta is made in-house.

Our bar is open from 5PM to 3AM, Thursday through Monday, and includes specialty cocktails and a great wine list.


Messina Social Club was originally founded to bring together immigrants from Messina, Italy, and provide help for those within the community.

As our city has grown, so have the needs of vulnerable people within our new Philadelphia community.

Our goal is to provide regular support for our neighbors in need.


Why are you interested in Messina Social Club?

Thanks, we'll be in touch.


We want to foster community.

This is not a place to see and be seen. This is a place to be involved.

Put down your phone. Write your number on a napkin. Buy a round for the bar. Talk big ideas and take bigger action.

If all of that interests you, please come by.